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Aerocel Sani Guard
Aerocel Sani Guard
Aerocel Sani Guard
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Specification of Aerocel Sani Guard

SaniGuard is a product with high glossiness, opaque, waterproof, weatherproof and ultraviolet resistant system designed for both indoor and outdoor use in industrial and commercial piping systems. It is easy to install, can be tightly sealed, and has excellent resistance to abrasion, chemicals, corrosion, rust, and impact of accidents. Sani Guard is formed with the outer diameter and shape of the isolation system. The type of heat shielding insulation material of the sheath pipe covers straight along the pipe, as well as the fitting shape (ells, tee, valve, cap, etc.). When properly seated with SaniGuard Welding Adhesive and SaniGuard jacketing will create an airtight seal that meets the FDA and USDA standards.

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